Sunday, 29 September 2013

My first post

Ok - not used to this blogging malarkey but will give it my best shot!

I'm trying to complete my very first Art Journal - started last year in July. Its really hard going as I just want to bind books!

Here is my first page - I'm rather embarrassed about it - but .... warts an all.

The one below was completed a few months down the line - after countless youtube tutorials and google image searches.

I am in the process of sorting out all my art journal pictures and will post them as I go along - perhaps in the near future I will have a go at a photo tutorial if its of use to anyone.

That's it from me - for now. I will definitely try and keep this blog going - even if it's only my family reading it.

Fae x


  1. Hi Fae

    Your books are great, I adore your bird page. Have you found Julie Prichard yet? she does online classes including those for art journalling.

    You mentioned having lots of journals and getting stuck not wanting to use them, its very common. Every book I've made people have said its lovely but I'm saving it ;)

    One way round it for you as you look like you might be using a bind it all to bind your books, may be cut your pages to size, punch the holes and cut wires to size but don't connect them together yet.

    That way you still have the option of creating more than one page at a time and choosing what order they go into the book, you can then create the cover pages at a later point when you have decided you have enough finished pages and have a collection that you want to keep together.

    Congrats on your bookbinding, and on creating a blog. Both are very addictive but lots of fun.

    Best wishes and happy creating

    Billie :)

    1. Thanks Billie, I was inspired by your blog and the work you create. Looking forward to seeing more of what you do.
      Fae x

  2. Fae - thank you so very much for creating this blog and you generosity of spirit for sharing all you tips - very much appreciated and admired !

  3. Thank you for your kind comments Lottie, if it wasn't for your inquiry in UKStampers - I would never have got it off the ground. So thank you - and looking forward to visiting your blog soon to see your lovely creations.
    Fae x