Wednesday, 18 March 2015

WOW where has February gone?

The month of February has flown by - so many changes in my personal life and a raft of appointments to keep.

The weather is improving and its finally light when I wake in the morning. This has really put me in the "Spring" mood - I am determined to clean out the studio. It is still knee deep in half finished projects from last year and the over spill during the Christmas period.

I have been ruminating and procrastinating for far too long! I have cleared my diary for Saturday and the kiddie parties seems to have slumped for now. If I don't get any work in then my day is free to spend in the studio to clean up and pack things away.

All I need is a bit of sunshine to make it perfect! Failing that - I'll put the fairy lights on to cheer myself up. That is my goal for Saturday - when my DH built the studio and I kitted it out - it was beautiful. I guess I just have to console myself that it's in the state it is because creating is messy business.

Some pics of when the studio was re-jigged for the 4th time. Ahhh The good ole days

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


I love seeing the drawings of faces on Pinterest - people are so talented. I've always wanted to give drawings a go. Not the fine art stuff though - that just won't happen in my lifetime.

I decided to sew a book of watercolour paper together and practice faces. This has been going on for an entire year!!!

You be the judge if practice does indeed make perfect. I think I need to work on the shading and perhaps trying to centre the features better. I'm really happy with all the practising, but will note that my other half has had a whale of a time critiquing my efforts. Even laughed out loud at some of the attempts.

So your turn to critique - I have drawn faces in this book but will only post a few - the first one, some boo boos and the end result of those practices.

The first go:

These are some of the ones that my other half had a good laugh about:

 Staring eyes and huge cheek area.

I messed the eye up and he couldn't contain himself over the eye patch.

"OMG!!" with a very loud lengthy braying sound - (must be a bloody donkey!)

 And last but not least - "Squash-ball face".

Then I started producing these and there was moderate praise.

And these are the ones that I really like. Some are still works in progress (re. shading and colouring) but thought I would post it anyway.



I'm sure you would agree that it is a VAST improvement - just have to work on the shading of the faces to make them look a little more realistic.

I drew these last night.

So to conclude - I do think that practice definitely makes better (not perfect).

That's it from me -

Happy Crafting x

Thursday, 29 January 2015

So it was my little one's 5th birthday on Saturday - I've decided to give him a Pirate Party. I hired a hall and set about making the decorations, I also planned to bake the cake myself. A bit terrifying (the cake - I've never made one quite as big) - 24 kids and parents to eat on it.

Of cause I couldn't just stick with a tray bake - oh no ... it had to be a Pirate ship!

I first started with the ships for the tables - I bought 4 paper mache sailing ships and decorated it. I plan to attach the balloons to it.

I created a holder to keep the boat secure and covered it with some tissue paper - then added glass marbles to weight the bottom of the boat so the balloons don't lift the boat off the table.

Next I bought few paper mache treasure chests - just painted it and added jewels and a skewer to hold the balloons.

Finally the cake - I was so pleased it all turned out ok. I baked it in a roasting tray - I needed a big pan but didn't want to spend £12.00 on one cake tin. It turned out really well. I baked two 9" x 12" Madeira cakes then froze them. Its easier to cut the shape the cake if you do this.

I iced it with Buttercream icing and this is how it turned out.

I added the paper sails and there you have it. One pirate ship cake for my cheeky little monkey.

I sprayed some Oreo cookies with some gold spray and had instant "doubloons" to add to the main table - I also covered flavoured water with pirate labels I printed off the internet, to add to the main table again.

The party went down and storm and the cake was lovely and moist and everyone loved it.

Some party pics.

Right I'm off to pick the boys up from school.

Happy Crafting.
Fae x

Monday, 19 January 2015

New Year and new crafting goals - I've decided to just do the crafty things I'm in the mood for and not be dictated to by the dreaded "must finish this!!!"

This invariably leads to the mojo packing it's bags and going on holiday. I'm left staring at half finished pages "that just don't work!"

Since adopting this new philosophy - things has been much calmer and I actually created various items.

I made more journals -

I worked on several pages and stopped when I got bored or just didn't know how to move the page along.

And last but not least - I practised drawing faces. Oh my word - who knew one could be so BAD at drawing. Since this blog is ALL about the warts ... here a a few of my (and I use this word in the most loosest of terms!) drawings.

There you have it - not very good, but the most surprising thing happened. It got better - the more I practised! I will upload the latest drawings soon - just for comparison.

Motto for the day - " If at first you don't succeed ... try try and try again" - (In my case it was rinse and repeat for almost a year!

Right I'm off to do something creative.

Stay crafty,
Fae xxx

Friday, 12 September 2014

So it's been nearly a year since my last post. Life gets in the way and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. My youngest was diagnosed with a Hearing Impairment and a Speech & Language Disorder in November 2013.

It's been a long road of many professionals and appointments and we seem to be making small steps but its a marathon and not a sprint. We still have some more tests and therapies to go through but  ... on day at a time ... is the motto. I have finally come to the point where I can physically and emotionally move on.

So a new beginning for us as a family and for me personally as a creative person. I will be including some pictures of some of the art I've made while in complete meltdown (lol) and coming out the other side.

Although this is not a personal blog - in a way - the personal things tend to be messy in life and it ends up in the art work. I can express my sadness or happiness in my art work and it does help me calm down and think things through,

Right - enough of all the sobs and time to take some pictures of what I've been up to this past year.

This post is just to get back into the swing of things.

Take care out there,
Fae x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Decorating the covered File Folders

So now you are faced with fair few strip covered folders.  What to do with them? Well I have a few ideas:

1) – Gesso – spread some gesso over the brightest strips use your fingers to spread it around – you want the result to be semi transparent in some places and opaque in others. See before and after pic below. Set aside to dry.



2) Watercolour/Gouache wash – Add some water to your colour and spread around with a brush or a baby wipe - keep in mind that water-colour will re-activate if you put any wet media over the wash. One way to stop the colour moving is by using some clear gesso over the top of the wash. – Set aside to dry.



As you can see - I've added quite a bit of gouache to my palette - I had a lot of wash left over - so coloured some printer paper and old book pages - as well as a journal I had on my desk. This is the result - 

Old book paper

Journal and a sheet of watercolour paper

Cheap printer paper

You can use all the above in later projects - keep it near your desk so anytime you have excess paint or colour just slap it onto these papers and you will have a really unique background to glue into your art journal.

Next time, I will go through mixing up an acrylic wash and adding texture to your file folders.

Until then,
Happy crafting.

Fae x

Monday, 30 September 2013

File Folder Journal

Being a scrapbooker as well as crafter - I'm often left with enormous amounts of paper strips. I've been scrapping for 12 years now, and have accumulated an horrendous amount of scraps - once you cut the 12 x 12 sheet up, you're left with scraps.  Most people would discard this - but I reason that if I paid for the entire sheet I should use the ENTIRE sheet. The miser in me, just won't let me scrunch it up and send it to the bin!

Not forgetting that mountain of gelli prints that was made in a frenzy, and the kitchen roll used to wipe up any spills. Save them all - things you would have discarded or not sure what to do with. Just cut them up and use them.

I was forced to come up with a way to re-use the scraps - as was in danger of ending up on some hoarding programme. I bought 100 file folders from The Works online - Guildhall Square Cut Folder in Buff.

I got a pack of kiddie glue stick - 10 for a £1 at the pound shop and started gluing the strips on in random colours/order.

I put double-sided tape on ribbon and re-enforced the crease - I didn't want the seams to split after covering it with paint and all sorts.

I bound the whole thing with a coptic stitch (this is so the book can lay flat when in use) - I treated each file as a signature and it was sewn individually.  Poster boards was used for the covers. Here is the completed journal - only using 19 of the file folders.

This is the spine - it's all reinforced with ribbon.

If the colours are just too crazy and you want to tone it down - a light rubbing of gesso - with fingers or credit card will tone it down a little. If you find the strips lifting up - you can give it a coat of clear gesso or if the texture is too rough for you - some matte medium or decoupage glue.

I love the size of the journal - it is a massive 34 x 22.5 cm surface on a single page.

Here are some of the works I created on the pages.

Just a note on substitutes - I love freebies.

Replace the following and your project will be virtually free or very cheap!

File Folder - Use old cereal, food boxes as a base instead.
Patterned paper - Most shops will give you free wallpaper samples and you can find some beautiful patterns out there - old magazines - wrapping paper that was just too lovely to throw away. Junk mail (if the surface is very glossy - a light sanding will allow for a better gluing result).

Give it a go - see how many things you can cover with all those unused scraps.

Happy crafting,
Fae x