Wednesday, 18 March 2015

WOW where has February gone?

The month of February has flown by - so many changes in my personal life and a raft of appointments to keep.

The weather is improving and its finally light when I wake in the morning. This has really put me in the "Spring" mood - I am determined to clean out the studio. It is still knee deep in half finished projects from last year and the over spill during the Christmas period.

I have been ruminating and procrastinating for far too long! I have cleared my diary for Saturday and the kiddie parties seems to have slumped for now. If I don't get any work in then my day is free to spend in the studio to clean up and pack things away.

All I need is a bit of sunshine to make it perfect! Failing that - I'll put the fairy lights on to cheer myself up. That is my goal for Saturday - when my DH built the studio and I kitted it out - it was beautiful. I guess I just have to console myself that it's in the state it is because creating is messy business.

Some pics of when the studio was re-jigged for the 4th time. Ahhh The good ole days

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