Monday, 19 January 2015

New Year and new crafting goals - I've decided to just do the crafty things I'm in the mood for and not be dictated to by the dreaded "must finish this!!!"

This invariably leads to the mojo packing it's bags and going on holiday. I'm left staring at half finished pages "that just don't work!"

Since adopting this new philosophy - things has been much calmer and I actually created various items.

I made more journals -

I worked on several pages and stopped when I got bored or just didn't know how to move the page along.

And last but not least - I practised drawing faces. Oh my word - who knew one could be so BAD at drawing. Since this blog is ALL about the warts ... here a a few of my (and I use this word in the most loosest of terms!) drawings.

There you have it - not very good, but the most surprising thing happened. It got better - the more I practised! I will upload the latest drawings soon - just for comparison.

Motto for the day - " If at first you don't succeed ... try try and try again" - (In my case it was rinse and repeat for almost a year!

Right I'm off to do something creative.

Stay crafty,
Fae xxx

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