Thursday, 29 January 2015

So it was my little one's 5th birthday on Saturday - I've decided to give him a Pirate Party. I hired a hall and set about making the decorations, I also planned to bake the cake myself. A bit terrifying (the cake - I've never made one quite as big) - 24 kids and parents to eat on it.

Of cause I couldn't just stick with a tray bake - oh no ... it had to be a Pirate ship!

I first started with the ships for the tables - I bought 4 paper mache sailing ships and decorated it. I plan to attach the balloons to it.

I created a holder to keep the boat secure and covered it with some tissue paper - then added glass marbles to weight the bottom of the boat so the balloons don't lift the boat off the table.

Next I bought few paper mache treasure chests - just painted it and added jewels and a skewer to hold the balloons.

Finally the cake - I was so pleased it all turned out ok. I baked it in a roasting tray - I needed a big pan but didn't want to spend £12.00 on one cake tin. It turned out really well. I baked two 9" x 12" Madeira cakes then froze them. Its easier to cut the shape the cake if you do this.

I iced it with Buttercream icing and this is how it turned out.

I added the paper sails and there you have it. One pirate ship cake for my cheeky little monkey.

I sprayed some Oreo cookies with some gold spray and had instant "doubloons" to add to the main table - I also covered flavoured water with pirate labels I printed off the internet, to add to the main table again.

The party went down and storm and the cake was lovely and moist and everyone loved it.

Some party pics.

Right I'm off to pick the boys up from school.

Happy Crafting.
Fae x

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